I offer a variety of Self-help Workshops as well as one-on-one coaching.  I also offer Intuitive Readings along with Mediumship and Past Life Readings. 

One-on-One Coaching


My life coaching is one-on-one consultation with you to provide guidance in making life changes.  The process is designed to help you assess your entire life.  I assist you in creating the life you truly desire and get you to a place of achieving life balance.  I work with you to learn the life skills you need, provide a sounding board when choices are faced, help you move beyond self-imposed limitations and support & encourage you when challenges arise.  It is my goal to assist you in learning to trust yourself, your desires and your decisions.  If you are interested in more information, please email

 2-Day HYL Workshop

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The Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshop is a powerful

2-Day workshop initially developed by Louise L. Hay.  This profound workshop allows participants to learn about Louise Hay's philosophies found in her book You Can Heal Your Life.  This workshop will help to develop an awareness of negative beliefs, release old emotions, love yourself more fully and practice various techniques to change your life.

"Experience Your Good Now"  Workshop

"Money & Consciousness" Workshop

"The Totality of Possibilities" Workshop

"Your Mind is Amazing" Workshop

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I offer four other workshops available on-line or in-person.  In-person, they are 4hrs to 1 Day.  Online, the 4hr workshops are done in 2 separate sessions of 2.5hrs each.  For detailed information on these workshops, click for more information.

Past Life Readings


What is a Past Life Reading?  Past life readings allow me to review your incarnations and the lifetimes brought forward are relevant to what is going on in your current life and help you to make sense of your present experiences and possibly your unexplainable beliefs & fears.  Past life readings are a wonderful opportunity to transform your life, stimulate growth, give you a clearer picture of where your life path is leading you & can bring about a positive impact.  To book a reading, please text 780-903-3773 for availability & price.

Mediumship Readings

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A mediumship reading can aid you in dealing with the loss of a loved one.  The reading can change the trajectory of your grief.  It won't take your sadness or pain away but it can alleviate some of those feelings and re-establish a connection and offer some proof that the soul lives on.  There's some solace in knowing we can connect with loved ones on the other side.  If you are interested in booking a reading, please text 780-903-3773 for availability and price. 

Intuitive Readings

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Intuitive readings allow me to connect with Spirit and bring clarity and provide you with some guidance.  I also ask Spirit to provide what your aura color is.  We are all born with a purpose and our aura color defines what that purpose is.  Knowing your aura color can assist you in fulfilling that purpose, help you to make more authentic choices and help you to move past limitations you have set for yourself.  When you understand what your aura color means, it can help you live a more authentic life in all areas of your life - all relationships, career, money, relationship with self and health.  To book a reading, please text

780-903-3773 for availability & prices.